River Rose Photography



My sessions are as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable that I took the shot you desire.


Modeling/portrait session is $50
Events $150
Weddings $700

due at the time of the shoot

Additional Information

We will schedule another time to meet after the shoot so I can show you all the proofs I have on my lap top.  I always fix up the photos before the meet, so you will see the best work produced.  If there are any changes you would like to see to the photos, I can do it right there.  You will also be able to take the cd home of all the pictures if you decide to buy the cd at that time.  If you would like prints made up, you can let me know which ones and what sizes you would like to buy.


4x6 are $1.00 each
5x7 are $3.00 each
8x10 are $10.00 each

All the photos you receive are copyrighted unless you buy the cd of your photos. By owning the CD of your photos you can make as many copies as you would like.

Studio now located in Eliot Maine.

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